February 4, 2020

Yoga is for the spiritual people. Flexible people. The ones that recover from a wound. It’s for the stressed and introverted people. It’s for girls, for athletes or hipsters.” And the list of preconceptions goes on…

We hear so many answers to the following questions „Who is yoga for?” that it’s hard to believe that yoga really is for everybody. Any person that wishes to improve their health, their state of relaxation and well being.
Yoga is for everybody. People usually come to yoga classes thinking they’ll stretch their muscles, relax or contort their bodies doing impressive postures.

The magic that makes people stick to yoga is that it creates a connection with a more profound and soothing inner space. This is the true yoga objective: to succeed in reconnecting with our inner selves.

That isn’t the „self” you mostly think of, the ego or thoughts, the obsessions and the worries. Through yoga, we offer space to a more wise and peaceful self. The one that takes notice of everything that’s happening around it, it’s always present and remains unaffected.

Even if you’ve had a bad experience with yoga in the past, the Inner self isn’t affected by what is in your mind. The body, soul and mind will be connected - that’s what yoga really is about.

What does that mean on a practical level? What kind of yoga could be more accessible for those that think yoga isn’t right for them?

Tell me what you think and I’ll tell you what kind of yoga suites you best! 🙂

”I’m not flexible enough”

Yoga isn’t about how far you get while doing a posture, it’s about feeling good, reaching your limit and accepting it.
By accepting it, your body relieves itself and you’ll realize there are more nuances and benefits of practicing yoga than straightening your posture.

”I’m not spiritual enough”

If the class chants are not comfortable for you, choose a class with a more physical focus. There are coaches who will guide you through careful movement, without mentioning the chant.

”I’m too anxious”

For those of us who suffer from anxiety, Yin yoga can be amazing to learn to become present with uncomfortable thoughts and emotions.

If silence is too much of a challenge right now, a vinyasa class might initially be calmer for the mind.

”I’m too lazy”

Once you get on the mat, simply stay in the most comfortable position possible, supported by pillows, bolts and blankets.
Who knows, once you connected with your inner Self through restorative yoga, you might realize that what you thought was "laziness" was actually exhaustion.

Once fatigue subsides, you may find that you want to try something more dynamic.

”I can’t get the postures right”

If you really do not want to practice yoga, try a meditation class. Asana's initial goal in Hatha Yoga was to prepare the body for meditation. So you can go straight to that. You will better understand the nature of the mind and the importance of reconnecting with the Inner Self. "Yoga is only for girls.” Everybody does yoga today, from rugby players to businessmen. It's about choosing a class in which you feel comfortable. Don't be fooled, yoga for men is a fast growing industry. And you won't be alone.

It's time you try! At MAHA Yoga Studio, the coaches eager to guide you on your journey await you. Together, you will choose the right yoga style for you and you will feel comfortable, relaxed and connected.

Your inner self will thank you!