Who we are

MAHA Yoga Studio is a spiritual space created only with love in our hearts, an oasis of quiet where you’ll be able to profoundly relax through different Yoga practices and meditation techniques which will show the road to a more meaningful life.

MAHA (महा) in sanskrit denotes “abundant, strong, great, bright, powerful and radiant”. Remember that we are all, in our spiritual essence brilliant beyond imagination, unique, limitless, great.

YOGA” in sanskrit means unification, union, communion, fusion.

Maha Yoga is not only a traditional form of Yoga, it’s also the name of this studio, which gives you the opportunity to practice Yoga in the traditional way, being guided by competent coaches, who will present you this science of the Spirit starting from their own practical experience. You will be individually guided, accordingly to the problems you face, so that you benefit from an effective Yoga practice, an optimal health and sustained general tone.

The process of spiritual transformation implied by the practice of Yoga starts from the unification of polar-opposite aspects (lunar-tha and solar-ha), of the vital and psycho-mental structure and reaches a state of full unity of the whole being.

Yoga is the approach that offers us the practical methods to accomplish these achievements and to discover ourselves.

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The purpose of MAHA Yoga Studio is to inspire the people to become happier, healthier and more present in their day-to-day life, through the welcoming and accessible atmosphere of practicing yoga.

At Maha Yoga Studio, we practice traditional yoga, a completely different discipline from stretching or pilates, as well as fitness, gymnastics or aerobics, which are often practiced as a substitute for Yoga.

This is the place where you’ll discover who you really are and you’ll find the joy of self improvement.

Our coaches will be your friends and guides to the inner universe where you’ll find the state of relaxation, calm and pure happiness.



Yoga is not a religion and that is why it can be practiced equally by people of all religions, without changing their religious confession. It is a science of life, which, applied correctly, leads to beneficial results.

Yoga remakes the human being as a whole (physically, vital-emotionally, psycho-mentally, and spiritually), and is concerned with the gradual and harmonious improvement of the human being in all these aspects, without aiming at the performance as it is in the sports disciplines.


Why we love Yoga

Because it helps me increase my efficiency in daily activities, but also regenerate quickly and emotionally and recover through a deeply restful sleep.

Because it helps me amplify my emotional intelligence and offers the ability to cultivate only harmonious human relationships.

Because it helps me develop my will, my perseverance and successfully complete all the beneficial actions I begin, in order to fulfill my plans and aspirations.

Because it helps me quiet my mind, which “talks” endlessly, and gives access to the essence of my being, which will remove the tiring jamming of toxic thoughts.

Because it helps me learn the truths about myself and the reality of the World I was born in, giving me simple and effective ways to overcome the confusion and lack of guidance of these troubled times.

Because it helps me learn how to deeply relax and accept myself with love, my true, authentic self.

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Designed for you

The Maha Yoga Experience

With us you'll learn authentic traditional Yoga techniques.


The yoga class is a well-designed practice program that aims to maintain physical, vital-emotional, psycho-mental and spiritual well-being.


The modules include the gradual presentation of some increasingly complex Yoga procedures and techniques, along with some theoretical elements.


During the workshops, you will gain a deep understanding of the meaning of Yoga practice with the help of captivating theoretical presentations.