Frequently Asked Questions

What is YOGA?

The word ‘YOGA’ means unification, union, communion, fusion, fusion in Sanskrit. When we say ‘yoga’, we look at the unification of the body with the mind and soul.

Yoga offers the practical methods that can lead to self discovery. This practice encourages the consciousness of the body while it also improves one’s strength, flexibility and balance.

Most of the people that practice Asana yoga, one of the 8 branches of yoga, which is a programme of physical postures meant to purify the body and offer it the strength and physical endurance needed for longer sessions of meditation.

How many types of Yoga exist?

Patanjali, the author of Yoga Sutras, described the branches of Yoga as a tree of wisdom and spirituality which grows in the same way as an ordinary one, with the condition that you keep on practicing.

There are many types of yoga, each of them with different central points and benefits, but all of them focus on the main idea of a body-mind-spirit connection.

You’ll discover traditional and authentic yoga techniques: Hatha Yoga (asana, pranayama, dharana, dhyana), Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Laya Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Karma Yoga.

If you’re already a fan of yoga, you can choose to practice only the most suitable techniques for you. If not, our specialists will guide you towards your best choice.

What are the benefits of YOGA?

Yoga helps with making a connection between the body and your mind and spirit, creating a whole. It brings many benefits on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

There are many physical benefits once you start practicing yoga. With increasing your strength, flexibility and vitality, all your body’s systems will have to gain.

At a more subtle level, yoga helps with relaxation and a state of consciousness of your own body and the world around you. Through yoga, you develop the ability to handle stress and have a more clear, calm head and positive thoughts.

As time passes, you’ll become more flexible and focused in your day to day activities and you’ll learn to control your body through breathing, especially in those tense moments.

Why would I practice yoga?

Yoga is not only an exercise – it is a science meant to get your body and mind to their maximum capacity 🙂
Here are a few reasons why people chose to practice yoga:

– relieves back pains

– strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen

– increases the energy

– decreases stress

– offers an emotional stability and control

– improves self esteem

– improves flexibility/mobility

– offers inner peace and happiness

– your body becomes stronger

– improves the immune system

– helps with weight loss (especially if the stress levels are low)


How many times a week is it recommended to practice Yoga?

Yoga is something extraordinary and the more regular the practice, the faster you’ll see results. 🙂 Even if you have one session per week, you will still see and feel the results of that practice, both physically and mentally.

Of course, once results kick in, it’s very possible to increase the number of yoga sessions per week. It all depends on how you feel – our coaches will stay by your side no matter the road you choose to take.

Can I practice yoga if I’m not flexible?

Of course – your are the perfect candidate! 🙂

You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga – this is only a myth. As a matter of fact, yoga is the perfect solution to relax your muscles and work on your flexibility.

The idea behind practicing yoga isn’t showing off how flexible you are, but becoming more flexible over time and being able to enjoy many more benefits.

Yoga isn’t competitive – each practitioner works in its own time, with the mail goal being surpassing your own limits. Over time, you won’t only be more flexible, but you’ll also develop a consciousness of the body and mind. What’s important is to relax, enjoy every session and integrate it in your day to day life.

What should I do if I don’t know my level of aptitude?

No problem! You’ll talk to our coaches about your objectives and your present aptitude skills and they’ll recommend the right practices for you.

More than that, our coaches have the right to limit or rectify the postures if they’re too difficult or pose the risk of accidents.

Advice for beginners - YOGA Guidelines

– Listen to your body!

– Respect your pain points.

– Offer your body and its responses the attention they deserve.

– Learn the difference between a simple discomfort and pain.

– Most of the postures can be modified into simpler variations – you only have to ask your coach.

– Maintain the balance between work and relaxation.

– Learn to breath correctly – without the full expansion of the lungs, the muscles you work with cannot supply the oxygen needed.

Every one of us is different – so it’s no problem if you can’t do a yoga posture just like the other participants or the coach (who has at least 10 years of experience).
Listen to your body and know your limits. Also, if you have a medical condition, it is best you first talk to your doctor or ask our coaches before starting practicing yoga.
What is recommended if I have a medical condition?

Yoga is for everybody. More than that, it actually is a therapeutical solution to your body, mind and spirit, especially when you experience a physical discomfort.

Let your coach know your medical condition or physical pain in your back, neck, shoulders and knee. Also, if you are pregnant please let us know. Our coach will keep a closer eye on you and give indications according to your current condition.

If you are in the care of a doctor, discuss with them the desire to take yoga classes.

Can men practice yoga?

Of course! The inventors of yoga were men – until recently in history, yoga teachers and gurus were only men. Only recently have women been included in this practice.

What should I bring with me to class?

It’s important to have water to drink during the class, a towel and a smile. 🙂

We provide everything you need for class, including special yoga mats.

What is the right clothing for yoga?

The best clothing is the one you feel the most comfortable in. Wear the clothes you would choose for a basic gym session as long as they give you the freedom to do the yoga postures.

Yoga is practiced in your bear feet, so be ready to give up wearing socks and shoes! We also recommend not wearing any makeup or jewelry.

How do I prepare for a yoga class?

The best yoga session is on an empty stomach – this is why we recommend you not eat a rich meal two hours before practice. If you eat before a class, you could feel tired and nauseous.

Drink plenty of water before, during and after class. Proper hydration with a day before class is very important!

I’m pregnant - can I practice yoga?

Yoga has many benefits even during pregnancy – all you need to do is let our coaches know you are pregnant.

Be careful to avoid turns and postures focused on your abdomen. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water during breaks or whenever you feel the need.

I’ve never tried yoga before. Can I come to class?

Please do! Our classes are designed to reach all levels.

We have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Feel free to discuss with your coach if you have any questions and, very important, work in your own rhythm!

The main difference in our beginners class is the slower rhythm, the number of explanations given and the time assigned to each techniques and anatomic transitions.

I’m already in great shape! Is yoga a challenge?

It doesn’t matter the physical condition you are in – yoga is an exceptional way to maintain or exceed your current level. Try it and you will be amazed! 🙂

Please drop us a line if you need advice on how to choose the right classes for you.

What does ‘NAMASTE’ mean?

Namaste is a form of greeting common at the time of meeting and/or departure which means ‘I bow to the divine within you’.

Namaste is expressed with a slight bent with your hands clasped together, your palms touching your fingers upwards. Namaste is a graceful form of friendship extension in love, respect and humility.